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How To Tell When Your Industry Has Screwed Up

When the Feds feel enough heat to finally enforce regulation:

The Box

We're Number One!

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Ahhh, Civil Discourse On The Internet

According to one of my distinguished debate opponents, putting someone on Ignore is an act of cowardice. Ultimately, what happens is that one grows more aware of co-dependent, enabling behavior, the need to fix other persons declines somewhat.

Net result: Extremists take over the debate. This is happening in Real Life, and has been increasing over the last forty years.

This form of compulsive behavior ends in the same way that any other addiction does- when the addict hits bottom. This can either be death, or one of the events that requires the stages of grief...

Our society as a whole needs a 12 Step Program. The bottom event is likely to be economic and political, rather than military.

I Never Predicted This...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Damn Those Evil Socialized Medicine Brits!