Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Observations 1 DEC 2009

Looks like the move has caught up with me. I'm at home sick, due probably to some over-exertion last night in cleaning trash out of the old place. Yesterday, I felt drained all day long, with little initiative. Being on the wrong side of fifty sucks.

Being LBJ also sucks. The proposed troop increase in Afghanistan (while pushing other major initiatives) can only lead to woe.

It's no surprise that all the culprits involved in the health-care disaster are lying to themselves. The public wants perfect care, at minimum cost, the insurance and drug companies want to maintain thier power and monopoly rents, and the doctors would like to have the customers go away, and be on the golf course by three PM.

No matter what the outcome of the legislative process, the health-care system is going to destroy itself. Doctors will find themselves overworked, competing with cheaper (probably offshore) medical professionals (welcome to IT, good buddies), patients will still get stiffed, and suffer from other's mistakes (again, welcome to IT), and the insurance and drug companies will feel like Microsoft, looking at a newly resurgent Apple- and Google, the happy evil empire.

In (possibly) forty years, when most Boomers are dead, and X'rs are forced against the wall for being the selfish assholes they are, we'll get a Brit or Canadian system. Doctors will be well paid, salaried *employees* (with livable working conditions), drug companies will be an industry where they have to work for a living (see what happened to Detroit), and the insurance companies will be facing the fate of Richard Whitney (see Glass-Steagal Act). The Millies will demand, and get, the best that they can manage.