Monday, September 19, 2011


I broke my rule of not lurking on the political boards, because a friend had just had her pet die, and wanted to see the response. It was sympathetic.

But in the process, I found out just who had had me banned from the board. Who it was, was not a surprise.

Now, more than ever, I'm glad I no longer need to participate in that insanity.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama's Biggest Mistake

With all the silliness that has transpired during his Presidency, people forgot that his biggest mistake was made before Election Day:

He wanted to be President after George W. Bush.

Now, there is transformation you can believe in. The consequences are locked-in.

Now, there are people who want to run for President against Obama. Obviously, the smartest GOP candidate is Mike Huckabee, who is sitting this out.

Rick Perry wants to be the third Bad President From Texas (LBJ, Bush the Younger).

If he succeeds, there won't be another President from Texas for centuries. He failed to ask himself if he wanted to be President after Bush *and* Obama.

The most important move in poker, is if you want to really sit down at *that* table. (Pre-flop decision is next).

The dog and I plan to nap through the election frenzy. We already know how the movie ends, regardless of who is cast in the lead role.


Ask any resident of a flooded out area in the Northeast just how overhyped Irene was, as they face the flooding problems.

A tornado passed over LAMBERT FIELD, for Elvis' sake, and people bitched about sirens going off too often. Ask the residents of North County just how over-hyped the warnings were. I have co-workers with houses destroyed, and injuries from that.


Observations 9 SEP 2011

I have several hundred links I've mailed to myself to post here. Perhaps half a dozen will make it.

Work is busy. I like my new position.

The weather has finally broken, ending an emotionally and physically draining summer.

One of my friends on the political board has possible knee surgery coming up due to arthritis. My mother had to do the same, and regretted it. I hope my New Mexico friend has better luck. Arthritis is common in my family, so I'm not looking forward to the inevitable pain.

One of my friends has moved out of the city proper, and into the inner suburbs not far from me. I'm envious of his lovely, newly built house. He won't let me rent from him...

Scruffy is well. I've found a BBQ place that he loves the bones from.

Someone is building a large, new house at the end of my block. Unfortunately, it is on a lot that drops nearly 50 ft/15 m down to floodplain. The huge surface area is going to add to runoff. It will also be a prime place for drivers to fail to make the turn south on the connecting street, and wind up on the new house's front porch. The connecting street is too narrow, and is breaking down under the current load of traffic headed to Manchester Road. If it were not the route that our power and phone lines come in on, I would be amused.

Separate posts on other matters to come.