Sunday, May 12, 2013

Observations 12 MAY 2013

I'm back. And, I got outside, today. I've lost touch with the outside world, in more ways than one. It's been a strange year. The weather has not co-operated, leaving me with mot much to do but sit inside, and save cash. I have successfully EBayed off a fair amount of my stuff, but more remains. Today, I took the remains of a table, and dead lamps, etc. to the curb for collection. Still employed. Feeling a little down, as the Great Recession is still exerting itself on the job market. As part of the involuntary austerity program, I'm not traveling out of the house much, and it takes an effort just to do ordinary grocery shopping. I should have got out on the bike this weekend, but did not. I'm starting to take the stairs down at work. Seven floors is a reasonable distance, and getting crushed by the stampede floors 5&6 at the end of the day is no fun. I have also discovered that they tend to throw themselves down the out-ramp of the garage, in minivans and SUV's, in kamikaze waves. The garage elevators open onto traffic lanes as well, very dangerous. Never seen a garage like it. Madness. It can take twenty minutes to exit. Stadium East Garage was paradise, compared to this. Classical music is back on the air at 107.3 FM. The Radio Arts Foundation, risen from the ashes of Classic 99, has a 250 watt signal coming off the Maplewood tower. I'm one of the rare listeners with HD in the car, so 96.3-2 FM carrying the same stream is also available. Life got so much better. Traveling in dead silence, had been the somber norm for too long. The BBC just announced a six part Poldark remake, nearly a year after Angharad Rees died. Symbolic? The ISS is in trouble. Politics is a mess. Taking a nap has been a too-attractive alternative. Must get out more.