Saturday, July 6, 2013

Made It To The Next Target!

Made it both ways to the convenience store, today. That's about 1400 meters, round-trip. The rear brake is fixed. The front derailleur till won't go to 3. The bike is geared in three groups on the front, and seven on the rear. 21 gears possible. Fortunately, the 3 band isn't needed, except at long, flat stretches. At 1-1, just about everything is climbable...2-7 handles most of the short to medium range work. Now, for a shower.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independance Day, Indeed!

I rode my bike today. Got her out of the shed, a little washdown, inflate the tires, adjust the seat. The rear brake has issue, as does the front derailleur, but I patched up enough to work. The old horn has to go. A new speedometer is required. The bike shop is the next stop. Tire pressures held throughout the ride. I rode around the park, and, up back the hill AND driveway under my own power, without dismounting! On a hot July afternoon! I drank water instead of soda on the return. Fortunately, I did not over exert, nor was there any sign of respiratory or cardiac strain. I can now ride daily. This will improve my outlook in so many ways. All it took was the initial effort to get the bike out of the shed.