Saturday, November 9, 2013

Observations 9 NOV 2013

This has been an unusual year. Earlier this fall I noted early migrations for birds, but the traditional fall turnover was late. We may rush straight into winter this year. It rained, of course, for Halloween. I should be posting more often. These slight events, noticed, make up a large part of life. Sadly, I've not been riding enough in the wunderbar weather we've had this fall. Staring at spreadsheets all day makes me want to nap, not ride. Bad dog. I have turned on my radios, again. I bought the new version of HRD, installed it on the primary machine, and immediately improved performance. The old e-machine simply isn't cutting it anymore, except for simple browsing. In the last few weeks, I've done some refreshing tech work, getting ready to use the radio for new modes. I have implemented JT-65 and JT-9, at last. Originally, I was dismissive, but now I have come to appreciate the weak signal capacities of these protocols. Although, waiting 47 seconds to send 13 characters is a pain. But the DX results are amazing. I'm now getting Western Australia on my little antenna, on 40 meters! And, the Philippines on 80 meters! Results on 10 meters are nearly as impressive. I can now work DX nearly worldwide on 25 watts. The FCC recently turned down a petition to open 10 meters fully to Techs. That will change, as the ol' boys go SK. Getting all of 12 meters will follow, probably by 2020. One might also see CB/11 meters opened up to hams, as well. Same goes for the Family Radio Service (FRS) on UHF, as the FCC pillages more spectrum for cell phones/data, and has to give up hostages to do so. FRS is more likely to go away, as is 222 MHz. Streaming video is not a big threat to 30 MHz and below, at least not yet. I don't think SSTV is going to catch on anytime soon on IPads... The political board has continued to degenerate. The October meltdown only made the Second Civil War more obvious. Went to a party at my cousin's, deep in Gasconade County. A relaxed, good time, with food, a bonfire, and stars. But no cell phone signal. 74 miles there, in 2 hrs. Scenic hardly describe the drive. Nice time. Back later.

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