Sunday, November 10, 2013

Passing of a veteran

If you did not feel the Earth shift on it's axis today, something of great note occurred. My last XP computer, the desktop E-Machine, has been decommissioned. No data has been lost, the drive is still readable, but the old hero controlling my radio array simply could not keep up anymore. Naturally cleaning up was an extraordinary experience. Desktop was actually seen, and cleaned. Wire management and routing was done. Anything that was a possible RFI problem was moved away. My monitor now is in a position that will not cause the need for a chiropractor. The annoying AOC monitor has been identified for EBay. No more will I need to crane my neck to read the waterfall display off of it. A better keyboard was procured, one not filled with years of fast food. I can now sit, eat, and write at my desk, a magnificent accomplishment. Base electrical load was lowered, as years of forgotten power supplies for peripherals were discovered, and removed. A replacement, powered, USB hub has replaced years of collected gender benders. Tomorrow, the real work of sifting all that data begins. Being able to sit, read, and type straight is a great relief. The primary monitor in use only requires one cable, and power. The Acer's own display now serves as the JT-65 and email monitor, a great expanse of real estate, as it is a 17". Many, many minor things can be moved to it. Dual monitors. What a concept. I'd been using them at work for years. Never thought of using them at home. This may lead to a house fit for visitors, at some point. Terrifying.

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